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Advent Kindness Challenges for Kids

Ever since his first Christmas, we have been making Josh a kindness advent calendar for Christmas. Obviously it has changed a lot over the years as he has grown but I feel like we have all got something out of it every time. One thing I have learnt is that having a challenge every day is too much. There just isn’t enough time, so this year I have popped the below challenges in every other day, with a few extra once the school holidays start. I’ve also added the food bank one more than once as it’s a 2 minute walk for us

kindness advent calendar
kindness advent calendar

Give food to the food back

Say something kind to daddy

Say something kind to mummy

Say something kind to yourself

Phone someone to ask if they are okay

Help daddy with a job

Make something for a neighbor

Help cook dinner

Write a nice letter to a friend

Give food to a homeless person

Send nanny a hug

Write down 3 things you’re proud of

Smile at 5 people

Help a friend at school

Phone grandad and tell him something you love about him

Leave a drink and snack for Santa

What would you add?


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