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IVF: The Rainbow Cycle Part 2

A question I get a lot is what my medication protocol is for each cycle. I have been lucky that my body has always responded hormonally to the cycles which has meant that side of my protocol has remained pretty much the same. However from about cycle 5 they added Prednisolone (a steroid) for NK cells and from the last cycle they added Clexane, a blood thinner. That was the first cycle we achieved pregnancy. This cycle is a repeat of last time with the addition of aspirin due to the miscarriage.

Obviously this protocol was made for my body so don’t worry at all if yours is different. I am sharing it just as a guide so it can give an idea of what’s to come or what to ask your doctor about.

From the first day of menstruation:

6mg Progynova (2mg morning, 2mg afternoon, 2mg evening)

1 injection of 40mg Clexane daily (I do this in the evening 9pm as I’m normally home)

7mg Aspirin daily

4mg Prednisolone daily

From day 13 (as long as the ultrasound scan shows my uterus lining to be progressing well) I will be given instructions regarding taking Doxycillin (an antibiotic) and Utrogeston (I’ll update this post after my scan with the exact amounts they prescribe.

I also had an intralipids infusion for the last cycle, about 5 days before transfer. If I can get an appointment for this in the UK I will do that again.

I it’s any help, for the last cycle and this one I purchased my medication from Fertility2U which has been the most cost effective way for us. I know some people get theirs through the Asda pharmacy’s as well as they tend to accept prescriptions from clinics abroad with understanding


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  1. Louise
    30th November 2019 / 7:56 am

    Hi Jules, Thanks for sharing. I have followed your journey for a while. I am going through the egg donation program as well. Second time. I live in Denmark. I was just wondering about your medicines – dont you take any progesterone? And how much?
    Fingers crossed for you!

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