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Meal Plan – Veggie packed dinners

This weeks meal plan actually covers two weeks. We have a weekend away in the middle for a family 40th party. I’ve tried to use the random ingredients in our cupboards (do you have those? Things that were destined fir recipes months ago that you never got around to or fancied in the end) and so our two weeks of food have come to only £88 for the family. Yay!

I’ve now cut out meat entirely becoming fully vegetarian which makes me happy. There are two meat dishes in here I’ll just make a smaller version meat free of for myself. That gets easy with a bit of practice.

The two Gousto recipes are left from last weeks food box. If you would like to try Gousto with 60% off your first box and 30% off your first month use my link here. We love using them occasionally. We just put our subscription on pause using the app in between

Harissa aubergines in flatbread

Beef and mushroom pie (Gousto Recipe)

Spaghetti Bolognese

Squash and pecan risotto with crispy sage (Gousto recipe)

Pesto pasta (we usually buy a jar sauce but this week I’m going to teach my 5 year old Josh to make it as I’m trying to get him more involved in cooking). Save some of the sauce for the pizza recipe later in the week!

Vegetable passanda

Coconut lentils with peshwari naan

Roast dinner!

Aubergine bulgar wheat tagine with toasted green beans

One pan sausage bake (works with veggie sausages – in fact it makes them better!)

Vegetarian Spicy Tacos

Vegetarian Lasagne

Bao buns (this kit came with a wok I bought Steve for his birthday back in March!)

Pesto and mascarpone pizza (I’ve had so much lovely feedback on this. You need to try it!


Brocolli pea cheese soup

Roast vegetable pasta lunch

*The Gousto link was given to us as a regular customer, though is an affiliate link


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