Meal Plan – Quick Dinners

We’ve been getting weekly meal boxes for the last couple of months. It was one less thing to think about when life seemed a bit more complicated than usual. You can tell I’m feeling more back to myself though when my cooking mojo returns. The last meal box arrives tomorrow for 4 days and we start this meal plan (if you’d like to try a Gousto box with 60% off your first box and 30% off the first month use my link here). I’ve chosen quick easy meals that don’t feel a chore after work. I had to eat some meat in Alicante because there were very few choices at the hotel buffet to make sue my diet was balanced during the IVF. I’ve been gradually cutting it back again. I find the more I do, the more I go off meat anyway. We are currently down to once a week, and even then I often make a smaller version for myself without the meat eg this weeks curry I may do that with soya chicken.

I love seeing meal plans for inspo so I hope this is helpful.

Day 1 – Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognaise

Day 2 – Crispy Satay Tofu with sesame rice – I’m experimenting with this so I’ll post the recipe if it works!

Day 3 – Chicken Pasanda and peshwari naan

Day 4 – Coconut Dahl

Day 5 – Saag paneer with pilau rice

Day 6 – Oven baked vegetable pasta

Day 7 – Vegetarian “Chicken” wings


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