Miscarriage Support

First I’m so sorry for your loss. And if you are coming here to get support for a friend, then thank you for being you.

Sadly, since my own miscarriage, I’ve been shocked at the lack of information there is on the front line to let women know about the support out there for them in their time of devastation. Ive had a few messages of amazing care, with incredibly kind medical staff. But unfortunately the traumatic stories outweigh this by about 95%. That’s not okay.

I’m only a tiny voice in this but I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of organisations that women contacting me recommend for support. You are not alone in this. At whatever gestation you lost your baby, you deserve the help to get through this x

Aching arms – A charity run by bereaved mother’s offering help packs to families through hospitals. They would love more volunteers. Also run some fundraising challenges.

Miscarriage association – Information, stories, forum and helpline

Tommy’s – Support during pregnancy and loss. Currently funding research into miscarriage

Petals Charity – offer free counselling in many areas of the UK

Cradle – Comfort bags and fast track counselling

Ectopic pregnancy trust – Support and advice for patients and professionals

Lighthouse therapy services – Southport – Offering counselling and support groups. They also have a children’s choir for bereaved siblings in some areas

SANDS – Still birth and neonatal death charity

Finley’s Footprints – bereavement courses and courses to help through pregnancy after loss

ARC (Antenatal results and choices)

HUG (Help us grieve Facebook group) – Helpful Facebook group and a bereavement support pack can be downloaded from their website

Channel Mum – They have a very kind team running the baby loss section of their forum

SIMBA – Offering a baby loss memory box service

RESOLVE – An America infertility support organisation


Elle Wright – Ask me his name

Bettina Rae – Watering the flowers


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