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My Two-Week Wait Symptoms

Okay, so first things first. Like I said in the blurb on what happens in the two week wait, symptoms don’t really give any clue as to whether IVF has worked. The fertility hormones mimic pregnancy so it could all be that. Having said that I do always note down my symptoms. I guess it’s a hope that one day it will be that cycle that works and we will laugh about them one day when this doesn’t feel so raw. So I figured why not share them with you are we go along (and the odd early test I’m sure. I’ll just keep updating this post as the two weeks goes on (which currently feels like it is eleventy billion years long)

Watch the video or read the symptoms below

Transfer day – I had what can only be described as Womb ache- could be because it had action today. I rested for the minimum 6 hours after transfer that they recommended. Popped down to the cafe downstairs for dinner and then we watched movies in bed 😍

Day 1 – I spent the morning resting. I had what felt like lightning, for second, across my tummy. Have you worked out I’m crap at describing symptoms yet? Spent the evening at the hotel entertainment (basically you watch the “kids entertainment” flirt with each other for an hour and indulge us with their Britneyesque dance moves under the guise of a kids disco…

Day 2 – I spent the day by the pool under shade and then popped up to the air conditioned room during the hottest part of the day. Finding it hard not getting in the pool with the boys! The right side of my tummy can feel pressure and an ache. I did have that on the failed cycles though. Late afternoon I was having heart Palpitations and felt really dizzy. A feeling like falling. I even jumped up when laying on Steve watching a movie because of the feeling. Also weird dreams that night

Day 3 – Still having palpitations, breathless and feeling like in a lift going down! I don’t thinks it’s anxiety as I feel so chilled this cycle. I rested all morning. Called clinic to get reassurance tomorrow. In the afternoon I felt a little better. Walked to shops with the boys for dinner and on the hill was breathless far quicker than normal

Day 4 – I woke feeling sick which lasted all morning but could just have been yesterday’s giant pizza! Hated smell of Steve shower gel but might just hate Steve’s shower gel!!! I performed like like lightning on garden scapes game…may be irrelevant

Everytime I felt better, I then doubted myself and whether I had imagined feeling sick… before feeling sick, thinking I had imagined it…and repeat. Still managed breakfast though…winning. Only slight palpitations today. They are easing. The clinic said if they were the same to go to the ER but they are nothing like they were. Slight cramps in morning by pool then nothing all day. Very grumpy in the evening though that could have been cause I’m getting frustrated at not knowing! I did comment to Steve I would be surprised if I wasn’t pregnant though which is definitely not something I would normally say. I then instantly regretted that I had somehow jinxed it.

Day 5 – I felt sick when I woke up and it was hard to find anything that didn’t turn me off for breakfast. We travelled home today. I had lots of cramping and couldn’t get comfortable when I sat. It feels like I am smuggling a beach ball under my dress. A bruised one. It’s also causing me to sit like a man…literally cannot get sexier right now…

Even in the car for the last leg, I had to put the seat down and lay awkwardly on my left because everything just feels achey and twingey inside. I worried the travelling had been too much when in reality I was sitting for most of it! By bed time I felt convinced it hadn’t worked and had my first proper cry during this cycle

Day 6 – I woke up with no symptoms at all. Nada. Like all of this was just a dream. Peed in a cup but promised I wouldn’t test. Totally pointless saving your per under the bathroom sink then Jules!

I spent the morning unable to shake that it hasn’t worked again. Angry with myself for believing it could have. Share that with you guys on insta and had some lovely support. You really do make more difference than you know.

By lunchtime I couldn’t take it any more and told myself of I did a test, I could reassure myself a negative meant it’s too early (officially test day is after 14 days) and a positive would mean this whole sh*t show of emotions could calm down.

The test was negative. Cue tears, hurt, anger, and fortelling that the whole of my future fertility would be a negative. That my body hated embryos. That there is something wrong with me that science can’t work out yet and I am going to grow old never knowing what it is

In comes hubby with his calm demeanor to remind me it could just be too early.

Google “latest positive pregnancy test after IVF”. Feels like 99.9% get their faint line by day 6 and o.1% get it day 14

Hubby and I react by frantically tidying the house to keep busy

Text a few friends and family about the test. Recieve supportive “there’s still time messages”. Wonder if they are sick of their merry go around too by now. I feel a bit like by telling them the current result I am forewarning this may not end well and lessening the guilt a tiny amount if it does all go tits up

To survive today we decided to get out of the house. Took the little guy to a soft play and searched for an Air BnB for a weekend break next month …code for if this doesn’t work, being in someone else’s house will stop us crying

Spend the afternoon trying to keep my trousers up appropriately in the softplay as I can’t do then up due to the beach ball. Glam

Buy a friend a beauty box subscription. purchase one for myself even though I can’t really afford it, to try and counteract the nose dive my self esteem may take in 7 days time

Day 7 – Woke up feeling nothing. Like this all never happened. On the plus side also woke up to lovely insta messages from women saying they didnt get their positive until day 11, 12 or 14 which is going me a little hope. Can’t help feeling, after so many times, we might be back to square one again though. Wishing I had some “symptoms” to keep me going

Later in the day on and off I’ve had throbbing in one small spot on the right of my tummy and I could reeeeeeally do with a nap. We needed to pop out to help a friend moving house (don’t worry I was sat on the sofa!) but on the way I had hot flushes, and whilst there had small tummy cramps, like period cramps). I made sure I rested when I got back which relieved it

Also have saw dry patches at the corners of my mouth the last few days I can’t shift. Sure that’s not related though!

Day 8 – Met with some friends in town for bowling (kids not us) and coffee shop time. Couldn’t find ways to sit comfortably and struggled to find clothes to fit today. My middle is just so swollen from hormones

Day 9 – Napped in the afternoon so I could make it to 10.30pm for a friends birthday meal. Just about and am achey tummy today

Day 10 – We realised Steve’s family are staying in Norfolk so we headed up there for a day on the beach. I struggled to keep my eyes open and ended up napping in the middle of them all! We did quite a bit of walking which worried me even though there is really no reason it should. Back home just in time for meds

Day 11 – Decided to take it easy today so took J to the cinema and rested in the afternoon. It then turned very emotional and stressful due to one person being so insensitive (I’ll explain later) which meant crying in public 😢. It’s our wedding anniversary though and when Steve came home he sorted J’s bedtime, grabbed us a takeaway and dishes out hugs so all was calm. I went to bed scared I had ruined everything babywise by being stressed, which really isn’t a thing, but doesn’t stop the worry hey


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