What Happens in the IVF Two Week Wait

Whilst I am trying my best not to obsess over symptoms in the IVF two week wait (this isn’t my first rodeo. The fertility hormones mimic pregnancy symptoms so there is literally no point in my driving myself crazy trying to guess), I do like to see day-by-day, what could be happening in my body. For some reason it helps me to stay calm, to feel positive and I guess a little in control. So in case you find it interesting, or useful too, here is what I have found out is meant to be happening to 5-day old little blastocyst embryos, after they have been transferred to the womb during IVF

Day 1

If it hadn’t already started before transfer (your embryologist will have told you if so) the blastocyst starts to hatch out of its shell. The little cells inside keep dividing throughout your two-week wait and beyond

Day 2

Hatching continues and the embryo may start to attach to nestle into the womb to attach. For some peope, it may do this late, eg in a few days time

Day 3

The embryo burrows deeper into the womb lining, beginning to implant. Some people get “implantation bleeding” round now, but please don’t worry if you don’t. It happens in less than 42% of IVF cycles, so if you don’t get it, there is no need to worry (even if it would feel reassuring maybe!)

Day 4

Yep you guessed it, still implanting, and begins attaching to the endometrial blood supply. This is why it’s wise, especially, not drive yourself crazy symptom spotting over this first week. Your little embryo may be very busy in there but your body may not be reacting much yet

Day 5

Implantation is done yay! From now, the embryo will begin to build the placenta and your baby fetus begins to develop

Day 6

The pregnancy hormone Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) may begin to be produced, but is unlikely to be high enough to detect on a pregnancy test yet, hence clinics advising to wait until at least day 10. Many advise waiting until day 14 and ours have even said if that is negative to test again at the end of the third week!

Day 7&8

Your fetal baby continues to develop at an amazing rate and your HCG hormones are gradually increasing

Day 9

For some women, the levels of HCG can now be detected through a blood test. If it doesn’t, don’t worry, you aren’t out of the game yet. It may just be too early for your body. Many people don’t get there positive for days yet! Make sure you stay on your meds until at a minimum day 14 to test again

Our previous clinics have previously advised if the urine pregnancy test is negative at day 14, it’s sadly game over. I have always been advised to stop the medication that day. Like I said above though, our current clinic advise continuing until day 21. Whilst I don’t like the idea of stretching the rollercoaster of the two-week-wait any longer, if there is even a small chance that something may still show, I think it’s worth chatting to your doctor about it

If you are reading this in your two-week-wait, as I am writing this in mine, I am wishing you so much luck and love. Don’t compare yourself to others. Avoid forums as everyone’s body is different and there really is no way to tell if it’s worked until the end of the two weeks. It’s a tough process but accepting that it’s out of our hands and there really isn’t anything we can do to make it work, or damage it (bar do a bungee jump) does ease it a little (a very little!). You’ve got this x

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