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It’s the little things that are making this IVF cycle different. Not just the slight change in medication, the donors age and the reassurance from the tests we’ve had done.

Things that so often you don’t hear about in IVF. A care coordinator asking to call you, and actually doing it when they promised. A doctor offering a consultation but not chasing payment for it immediately, making you feel like a number (if they give good advice, you’ll be sticking around anyway!). And today, when I realised I needed a doctor’s note to carry meds on the flight and a prescription for the clinic doing my intralipids, it being done within a few hours.

It’s not just that these things make me feel like a real person. That they are organised. It’s that it builds trust. So many times, we have had that not only broken my clinics and insurance companies, but torn in front of us, painfully ripped and when we’ve worn our hearts on our sleeves, having them stamped on mercilessly.

It’s been exhausting. It’s affected my trust in people in all other areas of my life. Totally unrelated to our baby making goals, yet I felt suspicious of motives when I never needed to.

It’s giving us a new excitement I wondered if we would ever have. The ability to relax a little more and allow the hope to seep back into our hearts. I’m still because we haven’t been through a full cycle with this clinic yet, but I’m hopeful.

The flights are booked, I’m searching for bargain holiday clothes and kiddo is excited for unlimited slushies and pool time. Steve’s even treated himself to new shorts!

We are ready. I can’t explain how much I hope this is the time it works

Jules x

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